Friday, July 29, 2016

Cousin Gathering July 2016

Quite a few of my cousins from both Mom and Dad came to celebrate my Mom's life

My ageless uncle, Marvin - still going strong at 95
My Mom's brother, Uncle Spud
Uncle Spud and cousin Ross
My sister, Mona, with Uncle Spud

Cousin Rick - first time I've seen him in over 50 years - My Mom's sister's son
Cousin Ross, my Mom's brother's (Spud) son
Cousin Susie, Mom's sister's daughter

My son's wife, Tina, her grandson, Sammy, and my daughter, Amy, holding Sammy
Me - with thanks to my cousin, Jessie May's husband, Sandy for the great photos of the day
 Jessie May's husband, Sandy

Cousin Jessie May, my Dad's sister's daughter 
My son, Tony, daughter, Amy, in background
My sister, Molly's granddaughter, Sierra, with her son, Jackson

My sister, Bonny's daughter, Carla
My grandson, Jesse

My sister Bonny's grandson, Tony
My cousin, Eddie's wife, Lora
Bonny's daughter Carla's husband, Larry, holding Amy and Dan's dog, Tillie
Cousin Susie's husband, Dean
My sister, Molly's, daughter, Teri
My sister Bonny's daughter, Kim, and sister Molly's daughter, Teri
My niece, Carla's daughter, Brittany, and her cousin, Karma
My granddaughter, Sara, with husband, Dan

Brittany with her boyfriend, Bryce, and brother, Tony
Amy's husband, Dan, with Tillie
Cousin Susie, my Dad's sister's daughter, and Cousin Eddie, my Dad's other sister's son

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Meeting More Cousins!

When I began my cousin quest a few years back, I thought it would go faster and differently.  I started with a few cousins that I had kept in touch with over the years, and fully intended to do a profile on each as I met them.  What I found was that when we got together, it was hard to single out one cousin to interview and do a post about.  So as with everything else in life, this quest is evolving.  I still would like to do an in depth profile of each as every one I have found has had an interesting life. 
Eddie, Uncle Marvin, me, Susie, Theresa, Jessie May, Mona, Uncle Spud, Susie, Rick, and in front, the youngster, Ross.  
My cousin Susie's husband, Dean, and my Uncle Marvin, still going strong at 95.
My cousin, Susie, from my Mom's side on the left, my cousin, Susie, from my Dad's side on the right.  We are all about the same age, and they were some of my first companions.  We lost touch for many years so it is pretty special to be reunited.
Karma, Kim, and Carla

Clockwise from left, Jessie May, Susie, and Theresa holding my sister's grandson, Jackson
My sister, Bonny's daughter, Kim, and my sister Molly's daughter, Teri

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Cousin Eddie

My cousin Eddie is now retired, but he had 41 years at Boeing in the dream job:  building model airplanes.

At 18, he graduated from high school and went to work at Boeing in the tooling department, where he entered training to be a jig builder. He scored high on the initial exams, so management chose him to be a model builder.  

He left this job to join the Navy for four years, but when he got out of the military, he went back to Boeing and once again became a model builder.

Working with blueprints from Engineering, he built models of every new plane.  Each model went through extensive wind tunnel tests, coming back for modification to optimize lift, yaw, drag, etc.  With the perfect wind tunnel located in England, he traveled there more times than he can count.

The wind tunnel is approximately 15 meters in diameter, so they built each model at the maximum size to still fit into the wind tunnel.  Not your typical model airplane - with a wing span of 9' or more, a weight of several hundred pounds, and a cost of over a million dollars apiece.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My cousin Susie

Uncle Dick, 91 and counting. 

My cousin, Susie.
I just connected with her last year, but she already feels like a dear sister.  I was privileged to visit her art studio today.  I am attaching pictures so you can see what an accomplished artist she is.  

This cousin quest has already brought me a friend, who just happens to be one of my long lost cousins!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cousin Quest

When I was growing up with a hermit father, I mostly missed out on interaction with my cousins. I don't even know how many I have or what their names are or where they live or what they do. My goal for 2010 is to seek them out and post a profile on each. I think there are about 26. I have them divided into several categories:

1. Never lost - have seen them from time to time - at least I would recognize them if I met them in the street, and have either an address or email for them: (hopefully they will lead me to others)
a. On my father's side: Susie, Theresa
b. On my mother's side: Susie
2. Mostly lost - I might recognize them, might be able to contact them at present: (Thank you Facebook)
a. On my father's side: Chris
b. On my mother's side: Ross
3. I know their name:
a. On my father's side: Meredith, Alice, Bunny, Jessie Mae, Eddie, David, Patty
b. On my mother's side: Darian, Wendy, Rick, Mike, Pat, Johnny, Pete, Steven, Mimi, Diane

4. Not sure of name, but know they exist:
a. On my father's side:
b. On my mother's side: Aunt Shirley 3 daughters?

Yikes, this may be more of a job than I thought.